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We take digital photos of your posture, (NOT XRAYS!) perform gait analysis and then have you do a series of Functional Posture Tests.

Please remember, form follows function.

Ian's First Visit
We identify your specific postural dysfunctions and compensations (these are usually the causes of pain), then input those along with your pain locations, severity and weight distribution into the specialized Egoscue Posture Therapy computer software.
Next, the computer analyzes your pain locations, severity of pain, body imbalance and your misalignments.  It then creates a menu of Corrective Exercises designed specifically for you, so that you can immediately begin reducing your pain.
Lastly, Pick your package and we will teach you how to do each Corrective Exercise putting you back in control of your body;
allowing you to finally STOP Your  Chronic Pain!
You will usually feel the difference (straighter, more balanced, pain reduction and a new awareness of your body)
at your very first visit!
Don’t suffer in pain any longer, get your life back!

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“I’ve tried so many different treatment options to get pain relief but nothing worked…
except your Posture Therapy.    Thank you!”
John, Trumbull, CT

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