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We offer an easy way for you to get your FREE  Posture Evaluation:

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We use Zoom which can be done in the privacy of your home or office.

You will receive an email confirming your submission.

In order to help you via telephone and/or computer, we will need you to email us:

  • 4 pictures of yourself (Front, Left Side, Rear, and Right side)
  • Please make sure pictures are level and capture all your posture from head to toe
  • We need to clearly see your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders
  • Please be bare foot and also wear shorts that are short enough to see your knee caps
  • Men- no shirt or wear a sleeveless shirt (we need to see your shoulders)
  • Women – sports bra, bathing suit top or a sleeveless shirt (we need to see your shoulders)
  • A brief description of your pain location and severity.
  • Your contact info with phone # to discuss your evaluation
Here is an example of what your pictures should look like:
(Don’t worry, we will add the red lines)

Let’s get you Pain Free!  Once we receive all your information, we will begin creating your personalized FREE Posture Evaluation.

Please send your posture pictures and other info to:

We look forward to helping you achieve the pain free life you deserve!


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