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My Story

David Junga – Postural Alignment Specialist & Board Certified Respiratory Therapist

April 2009:
I was warming up to play my first tennis match of the season.  After the third ball, something “popped” in my lower back, I fell to the ground and my left leg went numb.   My tennis partner helped me to my car and I somehow managed to get home.  My only thought was:  “God, when did I get this OLD?”.  After 2 months of taking it easy and not playing any tennis, my low back finally went back to its usual daily dull ache.  I attributed my usual daily chronic low back pain to a car accident I had been in 10 years prior.

Did you ever notice how we have to attribute our chronic pain to a specific past event that occurred, rather than recognizing that there have been destructive foundational changes occurring in our bodies for years?

 June 2009:
I woke up with an unbelievable stiff neck which I blamed on “sleeping funny”.  This was also accompanied by shooting numbness down my arm.  Tired of being in chronic  pain in my back and neck, I sought out many types of relief.

Over the next 2 months I tried:
    • Advil, Tylenol, Motrin
    • Bed rest , back brace
    • Celebrex
    • Prednisone
    • Pain patches
    • Ice packs
    • Physical therapy, TENS unit, ultrasound
    • Chiropractics
    • Therapeutic massage
    • Acupuncture, cupping
    • Inversion table

A cortisone injection into my spine and/or surgery were recommended also but I don’t like needles, so no thank you.



1.  I read the book Pain Free twice
2.  I then got help from a Postural Alignment Therapist

My friend recommended the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and the rest is history.  I read the books and it made sense so I  began my journey and contacted a Postural Alignment Therapist.  I started doing the Posture Therapy exercises specifically to help my neck.  I am quite the skeptic so the fact that I was being instructed to perform lower body exercises made me question his methods, but I had tried everything else.
In 3 days my neck pain which was an 8 out of 10 (10 being the highest pain level) was now a 2 out of 10 and the arm numbness was gone.  After one week my neck pain was completely gone!  With my neck pain gone, I hoped that if I could reduce my lower back pain, I might even be able  to play tennis again.  I started doing the lower back exercises and the changes that occurred in my body were amazing.


After faithfully doing my exercises everyday for 8 weeks my low back pain was gone!

CT Pain Free was created:
With my pain gone, I started routinely playing tennis and I feel like I am really living again.  Since I felt so good, I began telling everyone I saw about this new “Pain Free” method.  So many people wanted me to help them become Pain Free that I decided to get the official training to become a certified Postural Alignment Specialist.

Also, I am the only Egoscue recognized
Postural Alignment Specialist in Connecticut!
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With this in mind I can honestly tell you that I have been where you are and if you let me, I can help you live a Pain Free life as well.

David Junga-Postural Alignment Specialist

Let me help you become PAIN FREE, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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